ENCOR® 601

Surfactant Leaching Resistance Low VOC coatings formulated with common acrylic latexes are prone to surfactant staining when applied to exterior buildings. Paint application in low temperature / high humidity environmental conditions tends to promote surfactant leaching. Staining comes from leachate that migrates outward from an applied coating system to a wet environment. Leachates include a wide variety of hydrophilic materials found in a fully formulated coating: • Surfactants and dispersants: alcohol ethoxylates, polyethylene glycols • Excess salts • Biocide and fungicides Because colorant pigment dispersions contain concentrated amounts of surfactants, deep tinted paints are more susceptible to surfactant leaching than white or light color paints. To reduce leaching potential of coatings: • Focus on reducing all free hydrophilic species in end formulation – not as simple as reducing surfactant usage in latex • Latex composition and morphology must enable optimum fi lm formation

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