Durastrength® 506

Durastrength® 506 acrylic impact modifier imparts excellent impact properties and processability to rigid vinyl products. Based on the unique chemistry of Durastrength® 200 impact modifier which has been the leading impact modifier used in exterior durable building products for over 35 years, Durastrength® 506 impact modifier offers excellent room and low temperature impact in combination with ease of processing. The unique properties of Durastrength® 506 impact modifier make it especially suitable for injection molding applications. Additionally, the excellent processability, flawless surface finish, and high gloss imparted by Durastrength® 506 impact modifier make it a natural fit for window and door profile applications where these properties are key.

1The data provided for these properties are typical values, intended only as guides, and should not be construed as sales specifications.

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